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  1. Examples of insignificance in a Sentence a tabloid newspaper devoted to people and events of astonishing insignificance Recent Examples on the Web After the second world war the private rental sector (PRS) shrank to insignificance.
  2. Aug 02,  · Directed by Nicolas Roeg. With Gary Busey, Tony Curtis, Theresa Russell, Michael Emil. Four s icons meet in the same hotel room and two of them discover more in common between them than they ever anticipated/10(K).
  3. Insignificance definition, the quality or condition of being insignificant; lack of importance or consequence. See more.
  4. insignificance - the quality of having little or no significance unimportance - the quality of not being important or worthy of note meaninglessness - the quality of having no value or significance; "he resented the meaninglessness of the tasks they assigned him" inconsequence - having no important effects or influence.
  5. Aug 02,  · Insignificance is an interesting and talky film: part comical, part intellectual, just a bit tragic. It has some upfront symbolism, which may add value if you get it or may irritate you. While it 71%.
  6. Ah, they are of their insignificance so loftily unconscious. She took her insignificance, the absence of any soft emotion, quite calmly. His first impression of his tutor was one of insignificance. Meditate upon it, and on the insignificance and evanescence of human life.
  7. 1. The Insignificance Project is the conceptual parent of a number of proprietary secular theories that redefine the human relationship to nature and promote a closer alignment between human perception, cognition and large-scale evolutionary patterns than existing philosophical, religious and, in some cases, scientific paradigms.
  8. But imagine, all the same, that long and steamy night and that hotel room, and you have the substance of "Insignificance," which was first a play on the London stage and now arrives as one of the last sorts of films I would have expected Nicholas Roeg to direct. Roeg is .

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